The reviews are in, and Best Collateral is proud to know that our dedication to giving the Best customer service has made an outstanding impression. This latest review was submitted by Mickey H., who recently visited our pawn shop in San Rafael. She posted her comments on Yelp. Read what she had to say:

While I’m accustomed to purchasing jewelry from pawn shops, I’ve never been in a situation where I actually had to get  a loan against a piece of jewelry and was feeling super nervous about doing so. My chief concern was a) making sure the place was reputable and stable so I could actually get my diamond ring back and b) feel confident that my high quality diamond would not be swapped out for a CZ. Yeah, that happens.

I have to be honest and say that the overall look/feel of Best Collateral made a huge difference in my confidence level. The building is brand spanking new; the space is clean, inviting and has really nice lighting, and the overall layout made it easy to see everything and everyone. I’ve been in pawn shops, like Pawn Advantage on 4th St., that seemed, dark, cramped and well, scary, but not the case here.

I was immediately greeted with a friendly smile by Marta, who asked how she could assist me. When I gave a long winded explanation of my needs (I was so nervous), she ushered me over to the pawn area (away from retail shelves and display cases) which is discreetly sectioned for privacy. Marta is very knowledgeable and took care in explaining the process to me and let me watch as she handled my jewelry. Aimee, the store manager, was also present while I was there and I liked the way she kept a watchful on everything happening in the store as well as with my transaction.

So, was it successful? You bet. I walked out with cash in less than 30 minutes. I feel extremely confident that my ring will be there when I go back to pick it up in the next 1-2 months. And, I can hardly wait to browse the jewelry cases again–there were some amazing pieces, not to mention all the musical instruments. Their motto is “Never pay retail again” and I now tend to agree.

Will follow up when I go back for my diamond ring.

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