How to sign up for the Best Collateral Customer Rewards Program

imgSep 26, 2011

Our customers keep telling us how much they love the Best Collateral Customer Rewards Program. It gives you the chance to earn points on transactions, points that can be used toward thousands of merchandise options. If you’re a new customer,  you may be wondering how to register for the program.

In order to start a Customer Rewards account, you will need a registration key. You can obtain this key by visiting any of our 8 locations. You can also visit our Customer Rewards page on our website and click the “Sign Up Now!” button at the bottom right of the screen. Next, click the word “Help” and request a registration key via the online form provided on that page. You will be provided with all of the information needed to start an account.

Once you have your registration key, you can return to the Customer Rewards page on our website. Click the “Sign Up Now!” button, and enter in all of the requested information.

Congrats! You’ve now created a Customer Rewards account and can start earning points toward fabulous merchandise options.

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At Best Collateral, we value our customers. Enroll in our Customer Rewards Program, and start putting money back in your pocket.

Customer Rewards Program

I have enjoyed your Customer rewards Program, because it gives me deals for items such as iPad's, HD Flat Screen T.V.'s and also lots and lots more. Also, it gives me discounts on many items that I have already bought.

img Sally S.
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