There are 80 million millennials in the U.S. and the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) is rolling out a new marketing campaign targeted specifically at this group. “Real is Rare. Real is a diamond” aims to look beyond the traditional notion of a diamond for an engagement. Millennials exist in a digital world where real connections and authentic emotions are not so easy to find. Research has shown that “real is rare” resonates with millennials who see love and commitment differently than people once did.

Stepping away from the classic marriage proposal elements of past marketing campaigns, “Real is rare” will use a storytelling strategy that encompasses today’s broader definition of what a committed relationship is. The message being sent to millennials is that a rare and precious diamond expresses the same rare and precious uniqueness of the authentic and real connection they have found.
“Real is rare” could potentially even take the role of diamonds further than just an engagement. Millennials are more likely to be driven by personal choice rather than convention. The diamond could come to symbolize commitment in forms other than the traditional marriage engagement and become a means to symbolize love and commitment throughout the relationship.

In addition to changing the traditional tone of advertising in the diamond industry, the campaign will take its message beyond traditional television ads. “Real is Rare” will be going digital in an eight-week, precision targeted campaign to reach millennials on the platforms where they spend the most time. With engaging stories of real relationships and what they mean, the campaign will start a custom conversation amongst millennials.

This campaign seeks to reignite diamond marketing and will be most successful with collaboration from industry partners. Retailers can lend support and give momentum to the movement by getting behind the campaign. Start by spreading the word to your sales team. You can also get to know your customer. Ask for their own personal stories and narratives to create an emotional connection and then explain why a precious diamond is the best way to celebrate their unique love. Finally, you can place links to the new, contemporary ads on your website and social media ensuring your customers are seeing the ads.