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Best Collateral Pawn Shop In Marysville, California Celebrates Bok Kai Festival

According to their official website, the Bok Kai Parade is possibly the oldest, continuous running parade in America. It is part of the Bok Kai Festival, an annual celebration of the Chinese god of the North and the god of water. It also celebrates the historic Bok Kai Temple of Marysville, which was originally constructed […]

Washburn Guitars 125th Anniversary Limited Edition Series

Washburn Guitars recently made an incredible discovery. In the back corner of the factory’s warehouse, workers found a collection of limited edition guitars produced in 2008 to celebrate the company’s 125th anniversary. Washburn Guitars produces beautifully crafted instruments that have become a music industry standard. Best Collateral was able to purchase around 30 of these […]

Like Us On Facebook For 30% Off Your Next Retail Purchase

We’ve just launched the Best Collateral Facebook Fan Page, and to celebrate, we’re offering a 30% discount off your next retail purchase. Simply click the Facebook icon on the right of your screen, and like our page. You’ll be the first to know about our special deals and newest merchandise. You’ll also receive a printable […]

No Interest Loans for First Time Customers – Ends April 1, 2011

We’ve just launched our new website, and to celebrate, Best Collateral is now offering NO INTEREST LOANS for first time customers. It’s as though we’re paying you to borrow from us! This offer ends April 1, 2011. First time customers can now receive instant cast loans on gold, jewelry, diamonds, musical instruments, laptops, tools and […]

How Can I Save Money On My College Education?

The sagging economy has forced many families to tighten budgets and scrutinize every spent dollar. For parents looking to fund children’s education, pawn shops are a great alternative for finding all the items students need for college. Students’ lives are constantly changing, and a simple move from one dorm room to another can mean big […]