Easter Egg Giveaway

imgApr 07, 2017

Easter Egg Basket Giveaway! Event Runs April 9 – 16, 2017!

Every customer can pull an egg out of a basket. Each egg contains a candy or a small prize. Come in and pick an egg from the basket to win additional discounts and prizes. Come see what’s in your Easter Egg of savings!!!

Egg Gifts:

67 out of 100 have candy

33 out of 100 have prizes

1 gift card

1 pair of silver earrings

1 50% off any jewelry item

2 45% off any jewelry item

5 40% off any jewelry item

10 35% off any jewelry item

13 Loan Based Discounts: Get an extra $20 on a loan of $100 or more

Each person will have equal chances of winning.


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Customer Rewards Program

What an outstanding program Best Collateral offers to their customers. I  have been a customer for more than 10 years. Finally, the Rewards  program is being offered now. Thank you.

img Christina V.
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