Gift Ideas for Mom at a Pawn Shop

imgFeb 15, 2017

Pawn shops have a larger variety of quality items than any other shopping destination. If you are looking to spoil your mom this Mother’s Day you will get more gift ideas and more bang for your buck when you do your shopping at your local pawn shop. Not only that, but you can also take advantage of your pawnbroker to raise extra funds for Mom’s gift by taking out a pawn loan or selling valuable items you no longer want.

If you’ve been putting cash in a card the past few years, or if you didn’t think you could afford a great gift this year, visit a pawn shop to find something both inspiring and affordable. Here are just a few great gift ideas you can find at a pawn shop that will really make Mom’s day!

Diamond Jewelry – Diamond jewelry is always a winner. Every mother will appreciate opening a beautiful necklace, bracelet, ring or pendant on Mother’s Day. You can always find something beautiful to suit any taste in a pawn shop.  Large diamonds or small, vintage or modern, modest or glam; at a pawn shop there is something for every woman.

Electronics – Electronics make great gifts for any mother. Mothers or grandmothers of young children will love a new digital camera to capture all of those photo worthy moments. Mothers of college students will appreciate a new iPad or other device to get them online and keep them connected to their far away children. The right device can help Mom stay organized, connected and entertained and will be a gift she will appreciate for years to come.

Tools – Tools are no longer just for Dad’s!  Women are jumping on the DIY bandwagon in a big way.  If your mother is the type to take on do-it-yourself projects at home a power drill might just be her favorite gift this Mother’s Day.

Antiques – Is your mother a collector?  If so a pawn shop is the perfect place for you to find one-of-a-kind antiques to make Mom’s collection complete.  You’ll find great prices on amazing vintage pieces that are sure to impress Mom.


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