Making Money off Spring Cleaning at a Pawn Shop

imgFeb 10, 2017
cash for financial emergencies
Get cash for financial emergencies at a pawn shop, like Best Collateral.

It’s time for spring cleaning, but rather than taking all your bags to your local thrift shop for donation you may want to take inventory and see if you have anything the local pawn shop may want.  It can feel really great to clean out those closets, but it will feel even better if you can make a little cash in the process.

There’s probably gold jewelry you never wear cluttering up your jewelry box. Your garage might contain all sorts of tools or sports equipment you forgot you even had that are worth money.  Electronics, musical instruments and artwork can all bring in money from your local pawnbroker.



You’ll have extra cash and a sparkling home as you head into a fresh new spring season. Selling your collateral at a pawn shop is easy.  Simply bring it in, a pawnbroker will assess the value and make you an offer, and you’ll have cash in hand that day.  Of course, you’ll probably want to do some negotiating to see if you can get a higher price so make sure you brush up on your bargaining skills before you go.

If you have time and energy after all your cleaning it’s a good idea to research your item online. Knowing the value of your collateral can help you in the bargaining process. You may also find something you pulled out of a closet is actually worth a lot more than you realized. Spring cleaning is not fun, but making money is. Make your yearly scrub fest something you look forward to and not something you dread by taking all your found treasures to a pawn shop.

Pawnbrokers are always buying, so pack your trunk and see what kind of deals you can make. Then take yourself out to dinner to congratulate yourself for the work you completed with all your extra cash.


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