Should I Pawn Diamond Jewelry?

imgDec 08, 2016

If you are looking to take out a pawn loan the first step is to take inventory of your valuable items. In fact, high quality diamond jewelry, will usually fetch you top dollar. If you are looking for a large amount of cash diamond jewelry is probably your best bet.

Not all diamond jewelry is the same. Pawnbrokers will take into account the cut, color, clarity and carat of your diamond when determining your loan amount. Additionally, the pawn broker will consider the value of the setting and metal.

A pawn loan on gold is also very profitable so diamond jewelry in a quality gold setting can earn you a lot of cash.  Platinum is another high demand precious metal you can expect to earn top dollar for. Another factor in determining your loan amount will be the style of the jewelry. Some styles are more popular than others.

If your diamond jewelry is dated, tarnished or broken in some way you may still get approved for a pawn loan, but you will not see as large of a payout. Conversely, if you have a trendy setting or a sought after designer you will see more money. When pawning diamond jewelry some people are concerned about the safety of their collateral while it is in the pawnbroker’s possession.

Some people have a very sentimental attachment to their certain pieces within their collection.  Pawnbrokers keep the collateral they are holding on loans safely locked up and insured so that you need not worry that your piece will not be there waiting for you once you have paid off your loan.  Another concern for some is the possibility of not being able to repay your loan. That is, of course, a decision only you can make and should be based on your financial situation. However, the majority of people that take out pawn loans are able to repay them and retrieve their collateral.


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