3 Things you didn’t know you could buy in a pawn shop.

imgFeb 06, 2017

Pawn shops are known for deep discounts on merchandise and pawn loans to get people through emergencies. Many people look to pawn shops first to purchase diamond jewelry, to sell gold, to pawn or buy a Rolex watch or to pick up a new guitar or other musical instrument. 

However, pawn shops have so much more to offer than just those well-known items.  Here are three things you can find in a pawn shop you may have never considered before.

Small appliances – You can find small appliances for your home including AC units, vacuum cleaners, toaster ovens, sewing machines and even massage appliances. When purchased retail these items can often be difficult to afford.  Pawn shops, however, have small home appliances that are often like new and can be purchased affordably.

Sporting Goods – Bicycles are a very popular pawn shop item. They can be very expensive retail and most pawn shops offer a large stock of bicycles. However, bikes are not the only sporting goods you can find in pawn shops. Golf club sets, camping gear, surf boards, fishing poles, binoculars, exercise equipment and just about any other sports gear you can think of can be found in your local pawn shop.  Look at a pawn shop first when you need a new helmet, hunting gear or even paintball equipment.

Antiques and Collectibles – People know they can find collectibles in a pawn shop. They come looking for fine jewelry, coins or vintage Rolex watches. There is a much more expansive list of collectibles that can be found in a pawn shop.  Vintage type writers, for example, are in demand and can be frequently found in pawn stores. You can also find sports memorabilia, movie memorabilia, collectible art and more. Whether you’re a sports or movie fan or you collect pottery and fine art pawn shops can help you build your collection.

Pawn shops have been around for thousands of years offering pawn loans and discount merchandise. While people know pawn shops are a great place to pawn gold or buy diamond jewelry, pawn shops are actually a much more diverse place than that. They are a fun place to shop for anything whether it’s something useful for your home, something to get you active or something whimsical to build your collection.


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