What Can I Sell at a Pawn Shop?

imgJan 03, 2017

The days after the holidays are a perfect time to take inventory of your valuable items that are taking up space in your home and bring them to the pawn shop. Chances are you need to make room for new gifts as well as rebuild your savings account after all the holiday expenses. A pawn shop can help you do both.

Pawnbrokers deal in a variety of goods and if your item is valuable, in good condition and not too dated you are likely to make some cash at a pawn shop.

  1. Electronics are popular items for a pawn shop.  The key with electronics is that they are in good condition and not too old. Pawnbrokers do test to make sure your items are in good working condition. Furthermore, items that are too old may not be accepted or may not net you much cash. However, if you are simply looking to clean out your home it never hurts to bring it in and see what you can get.
  2. Gold and fine jewelry are almost never turned away at a pawn shop. Selling gold at a pawn shop is possibly one of the easiest transactions at a pawn shop. Pawnbrokers know that even if your gold jewelry is broken or dated it can be melted down for scrap and they are always willing to take gold. Fine jewelry, especially diamond jewelry, also tends to fetch top dollar. If you have jewelry cluttering your jewelry box that you never wear and need to make room for the new a pawn shop is the perfect new home for your jewelry.
  3. Other excellent items to sell at a pawn shop include tools, sports equipment, musical instruments, Rolex watches and even fine art.  The beauty of a pawn shop is the variety of items you can find on the shelves.  Pawnbrokers are willing to purchase any item they believe they can resell quickly and make a profit on.

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