Bumpboxx on a display case

Bumpboxx is now available at all Best Collateral locations.

Bumpboxx, the newest sound sensation to hit the shelves, has arrived at all of our Best Collateral locations.

This modern marvel has the look and feel of a classic boombox and uses Bluetooth technology to keep the beats bumpin’ all day and all night.

According to the official website, it “has a real crowd-gathering power with its throwback style and huge sound. While some competitors inflate their power rating, Bumpboxx has units up to 1000 Watts of peak power, tested and true. Bumpboxx is designed for your family cookouts, sporting events, or karaoke nights.”

When we saw how in-demand these high-tech, slick boomboxes were, we just knew they would be a perfect find for our stores. Our employees love them. We love the value. That’s why we know our clients will love them too! Bumpboxx makes a great gift for people of all ages and tastes.

We’re excited to offer this wildly popular item just in time for the holidays at all Best Collateral locations in San Francisco and Northern California. Hurry in, these items are flying off the shelves faster than you can say “boom!” Happy bumpin’!