Best Collateral COVID-19 Situation Updates

Updated Tuesday July 10, 2020

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Important Updates About:

    • San Francisco SoMa District (1024 Mission St.) location is Permanently closed.
    • All loan and layaway business from our SoMa (1024 Mission St.) location have been moved to our Mission District location (2449 Mission St.)
    • Please email with any questions about your loan or other business
    • Our “Shelter-in-Place” Has Been Lifted as of May 10th, 2020
    • Should you visit us – Safety & Social Distancing Protocol

We thank you for your patience, flexibility and trust, while we find ways to offer limited financial services during the current crisis. The fluidity of the situation continues to present challenges out of our control but we are determined to do what we can to serve our communities.

Store Location updates

Our Best Collateral SoMa location at 1024 Mission Street is permanently closed due to extensive damage from looting on May 31, 2020. We have moved the SoMa store operations and all customer pawns and layaways to our Best Collateral-Mission store located at 2449 Mission Street, in San Francisco.

Click for Mission District Information

Please visit us at the Best Collateral at 2449 Mission Street location to make payments and redeem items that were either on pawn or in layaway at the SoMa 1024 Mission Street location that is now closed.

The Best Collateral Mission St location is open Tues-Sat from 10AM to 5:30 PM by appointment only. To schedule an appointment visit us online at:

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To make phone inquiries please contact the Best Collateral Mission location at 415-282-1782″

Please note:

    • Payments can only be made in person AND only at the store where the loan was made.
    • Payments for loans and layaways from our SoMa location (1024 Mission St.) must be made at our 2449 Mission St. location. Click here for directions and store hours.
    • All customers must adhere to “Social Distancing & Responsibility Guidelines” noted below.

Our goal remains to expand our location opening hours with our customers’ and team members’ health and safety as our top priority.

“Potential” Store openings are dependent on staff health and availability, customer health & safety, city/state ordinances, and the broader state of affairs as we move through this challenging time. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

Locations Open Tuesday – Saturday 10:00am – 5:30pm

San Jose  (408) 254-2274

San Mateo  (650) 570-7296

South San Francisco  (650) 589-4433

Vallejo  (707) 643-7296‎

Santa Rosa (707) 527-7296

San Francisco Mission District  (415) 282-1782 By Appointment Only

San Rafael (415) 456-7296

Sacramento  (916) 448-7545

Oakland (510) 444-7296

Locations Open Tuesday – Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm

Vallejo  (707) 643-7296‎

Locations Open For Normal Hours

Marysville  (530) 742-3617

Store Permanently Closed

San Francisco SoMa District

Please email with any questions about your loan or other business.

Loan & Layaway Payments Due May 30, 2020

    • The safety of our employees, our customers and your items are our greatest focus!
    • Governor Newsom has announced phase 2 of easing Shelter in Place restrictions.
    • We are giving all customers until May 30, 2020 to visit a store and make a payment on a defaulted loan or layaway with no penalties.

The situation with Covid-19 is very fluid and changes almost daily. Best Collateral is doing everything within our power to adapt along with the most recent Shelter in Place orders. As of Friday, May 10th, California entered ‘stage 2’ of reopening the state of California. This allows Best Collateral to reopen and serve the critical needs of our customers. 

In our prior communications with our customers, we mentioned that we would not ‘default’ loans until 10 days after the Shelter in Place was lifted. With the State of California implementation of its’ Phase 2 open plan, we consider our “Shelter in Place” to be lifted as of May 10th. However, to give our customers extra time to get in and pay on their loan (s), we are extending our “no default” hold until May 30th, 2020.

As of June 1st, 2020, Best Collateral will initiate expiring unpaid loans that were scheduled to default prior to that date.

In short, if your loan Grace Period ends or ended on or before May 30, 2020, it is critical that you come in and renew or redeem your loan by May 30th, 2020. If your loan Grace Period ends after May 30, 2020, you will have until the date stated in the Grace Period notice to renew or redeem your loan.

California Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response website

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What if I get a notice in the mail telling me that my loan has expired?

IMPORTANT: As required under the laws of The State of California, pawnbrokers have a legal requirement to send “loan expiration notices” to customers within 30 days of the end of a loan term. Should you receive such a notice from Best Collateral, you DO NOT need to do anything at this time. Our decision to provide 10 days after the Shelter in Place order has been lifted, for customers to come in and renew or redeem their loans remains unchanged! We apologize for the need to provide this notice – but, even during these challenging times, we are still expected to follow the laws of California.

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“Social Distancing Protocol” Employees & Customers

Our goal is to provide our employees and customers with a safe, healthy and efficient environment to serve our community needs. We ask everyone to follow the protocol below before and when visiting our stores.

What We Are Doing

    • Providing customers with access to hand sanitizer or disinfectant at entry.
    • Providing disinfectant where there is high-frequency employee-customer interaction.
    • Regularly disinfecting other high-touch surfaces.
    • Disinfecting all payment portals, pens, and styluses after each use.

Before You Visit Us

    • There will be no retail sales of jewelry or other goods at this time.
    • Customers DO NOT need to come into the store to renew/redeem a loan scheduled to default during the “Shelter in Place” order. Customers will have 10 days AFTER the lifting of the Shelter in Place order to renew or redeem their loan.
    • DO NOT, absolutely DO NOT visit us if you are sick, have a cough or fever, the sniffles, or don’t feel good.
    • DO NOT bring your children into the store! Please leave children at home!
      Please note we will allow a LIMITED number of customers into the store at one time.

What to Do When You Visit Us

    • Please practice PATIENCE! Our team members are here to serve our community and these times are personally and professionally challenging for us all.
    • Please wear a protective mask as recommended by state and federal guidelines.
    • Practice proper social distancing – allow for 6 feet of separation at all times!
    • When outside, remain 6 feet apart from any other person.
    • When inside, remain 6 feet apart from any other person and mind the tape markings on our floor to keep separated when in the store.
    • Follow the directions of the person monitoring the door.
    • If you have to sneeze or cough do it into your elbow; do not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact.
    • Please do not lean on or touch the jewelry cases or other items in the store.
    • Thank you for your cooperation!

What to Do If You Can’t Visit Us

    • Loans can ONLY be redeemed in the store that originally processed the loan. We CANNOT obtain collateral loans from stores that remain closed.
    • If your loan has defaulted during the “Shelter in Place” orders, please read “Loan Accomodations” above.
    • If you have any questions, please email us at connect@bestcollateral.comPlease include your Name, Loan Contract #, and Store where your loan is held.