What do I need to get a pawn loan? A Checklist.What do I need to get a pawn loan?

Pawn loans are an easy and convenient way of getting cash. With a pawn loan, you don’t need to worry about having to affect your credit. Pawn loans are usually small dollar with short contracts, often lasting only a few months. Many Americans have never used a pawn shop before. So, their first question often is, “What do I need to get a pawn loan?”

When you visit a pawn shop, it’s important that you bring some necessary items with you. Following this checklist will ensure you have the best experience possible.

An Item Of Value

First, and most importantly, you should bring an item of value. This is what you’ll use to obtain your loan. An item of value is anything you own that has value. Best Collateral accepts all kinds of items. For example, we accept gold, diamond jewelry, and watches. We also take all kinds of items that aren’t jewelry. Additionally we accept luxury handbags, electronics, smartphones, or tablet computers. Other items include musical instruments or power tools. If you’re not sure what you can use to pawn, give us a call.

Contact A Store


The state requires us to use only a state issued drivers license or state photo ID card as identification each time a customer sells or pawns an item. We also accept US and International Passports and Matrícula Consular id cards. Even though we might know you personally, that does not exclude you from showing your identification at the time the transaction is made. We are required to check for updated information on every transaction. A complete description of the customer and all items received by a pawnbroker must be reported to the police, who compare pawned and sold property to their burglary, robbery and theft reports. This reduces the chances of a pawnshop receiving stolen property.


If the item you are trying to pawn or sell has any documentation, such as certificates of authenticity, warranties or proof of provenance, it’s important that you bring these in with you at the time you conduct your transaction. Having these items can add to the appraised value of your collateral and may get you a higher sale or loan amount.


We know that you may want to ask questions about how we appraise your item, how much your item is worth, what the terms of repaying the loan are, or any questions about the pawn process. Our friendly Best Collateral associates are always happy to help guide you through each step and make sure that any of your questions are promptly and succinctly answered.

Be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions to stay as informed as possible.

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