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Rewards Program

Best Collateral values our customer relationships and appreciates you making the choice to do business with us. Our free Rewards Program allows you to earn points towards your choice of thousands of items ranging from electronics to travel certificates, just by doing business with us!

EARN points for doing business with Best Collateral!
USE the accumulated points for merchandise from an online catalog containing 1,000s of choices.
EASY to join and use
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3 Ways to Earn Rewards Points!

Buy or Layaway with us and Earn!

Earn 1 Reward Point for EVERY $1.00 of your retail purchase or completed layaway*

Get a Loan & Earn Points!

Earn ½ Reward Point for EVERY $1.00 of your loan value*

Sell to Us & Get Customer Reward Points!

Earn ½ Reward Point for EVERY $1.00 of the price*
of the item you sell to us.

*Qualified Transactions include:
The pre-tax sale’s price paid for a purchase, the principal loan amount extended to a customer, the pre-tax sale’s price paid for a lay-away purchase, or the net purchase price paid for any secondhand good sold by a customer to Best Collateral.

What can I get with my rewards points?

Real customers just like you have cashed in their Rewards Points to receive some of these fantastic FREE items.